Gold Standard

Lamentando Pela Vida Não AutoDesenvolvida Pela Sede Da Subsistência, Divulgo-te Esse Meu Coração Esfaqueado Pelas Suas #FantasiasDeInfância, O Sangue Lágrimou-se Expressando-se Pelas Fontes Auditivas, Enquanto Os Olhos Avermelhados Rasgados Pelo Sal Desprendem Dádivas Compulsivas, As Últimas Palavras Soltaram-se Como Erupções #ProcedentesDePompeia, Suspiros De Respiração Carbonizam O Corpo Encerando A Democracia Nesta Batalha De Queroneia, Soltei […]

Clássicos De Verão

  Mike Wrobel- The Night King Clássicos de Verão Na Divisão Dos Movimentos Kudza é Um Resultado Sísmico, capaz de ascender um Bing bang com a simples ajuda de um palito de fósforos, Quando Deus Deu Luz a Vida ele usou o meu corpo como #papelQuímico, eu sou um universo vivo, sou o esboço de […]

Mamba Mentality

If Being Stupid Is An Attractive Quality, Your Ignorance Is Committing Your Suicide, Why Do You Call Him Lord But Never Do What He Says? Are You In Or Out Of The Molten Glass? Time To #PickYourSide. All Misery On Earth Is A Business Design, Yes!!! You Have The Right To Protest For Rights, But […]

Flower Of Life

  I Lost a Person That I Will Never Gonna See Again, Perfection Is a Perception That My Eyes Only See In You, And I Ain’t Gonna #SeeYouAgain, Damn!!! I Will Cry For You, I Will Pray For You, And I Promise You That I Will Immortalize You On My Soul, My Name Is Kedson […]

Street Trash

The Best Moments Of Ours Lives Don’t Make It To Social Media, Cause Sincerity Is An Easy Disguise a False Front, Stuff You’re Not Supposed To Figure Out, When The Foundation Is a Lie, Everything Else We #ReadItInWikipedia, There Is a Lot Of Fear Involved In Ideas That We Can Not Mentally Printout, Kudza Is […]

Indigo Child

We Ain´t Talking Financial But Kudza –You Are Broke! Your Brain Need´s a Slow Motion Detector, Cause Your Thoughts Are a Nuclear Hoax Joke, Look #BeyondTheIllusion, Where Do They Get The Organs Transplants For The Transfusion? Time And Money Are Nothing But a Deception Cloak, Nevertheless!!! Everybody Will Live You Even Your Own Shadow, Assumptions […]

Crafted Illusion

I #InstructMyOwnInstructions Don´t Hope To Improve Me, I’m Sacred Has The Universe! If You Try To Change Me You Will Destroy Me, If You Try To Hold Me You Will Lose Me, I’m Bound Together In An Indestructible Unity Of Individuals Part´s, Working To Generate The Kudza In Me, I’m a Species In Extinction #WithoutOrigin Set Me […]

Missing links

If This Love Isn’t Working, Load Aim and Fire, I Tried! Really I Did… But I´m Back On My Shit, We Gotta Start Thinking On The Long Term #AimHigher, All of My Idols Are Dead, Got no Friends Kudza-That´s We Don´t Confirm, And The Enemies Are Lost in Power, Kudza You Are Not Empower? It […]

Trust Issues

My Life is Amazing, Wait For it… Even Though I am Depressed, Kudza Said– Think More Talk Less, My Pre-Historic Trauma is Influencing This Quest, Wish I Had Time Bending Powers, And Escape From Your Love Arrest #OnlyStealFromTheBest, Everybody Will Judge us Every Time, That We Return To This Planet, She Said– I Give up […]

Show…The Right Direction

Kudza is a Very Lazy Hazy Dreamer, #KudzaKrazy is Only Redeemer is When He See Her, is like a Silent Could War Slippin into Fiction, The Door is Open Let Me Explore, The Harmonic Frequency I Can´t Ignore, I´m About To Break The Pact, You Better Contact The Restriction´s, is Love is Not Like Filling a […]