Gold Standard

Lamentando Pela Vida Não AutoDesenvolvida Pela Sede Da Subsistência, Divulgo-te Esse Meu Coração Esfaqueado Pelas Suas #FantasiasDeInfância, O Sangue Lágrimou-se Expressando-se Pelas Fontes Auditivas, Enquanto Os Olhos Avermelhados Rasgados Pelo Sal Desprendem Dádivas Compulsivas, As Últimas Palavras Soltaram-se Como Erupções #ProcedentesDePompeia, Suspiros De Respiração Carbonizam O Corpo Encerando A Democracia Nesta Batalha De Queroneia, Soltei […]

Mamba Mentality

If Being Stupid Is An Attractive Quality, Your Ignorance Is Committing Your Suicide, Why Do You Call Him Lord But Never Do What He Says? Are You In Or Out Of The Molten Glass? Time To #PickYourSide. All Misery On Earth Is A Business Design, Yes!!! You Have The Right To Protest For Rights, But […]

You Fucked Up

  A Vida é Assim, Vivemos Com as Nossas Próprias Escolhas, é Como Se Fossemos Uma Árvore Que vagarosamente Vai Largando As Suas Folhas, Buscando Da Natureza Todos Os Nutrientes Que Nos Torna Únicos e Independentes, #EuSouIndependente. Durmo Com as Lágrimas De Mais Um Dia De Sofrimento, Repousando a Cabeça Na Almofada Apercebo-me De Que […]

The Search Is Over

O Meu Coração Perdeu-se Da Progressão, Devido a Uma Dose Não Identificada, Desculpas São Como Mentiras Refugiadas Em Pequenos Apagões, Assombradas Pelas Suas Próprias Incoerências Mentais e Ainda Assim Atormentadas Pelos #SéculosDeInquisições, Os Meus Pesadelos Vivem Em Lamentações, Pois Sabem Que Nunca Avistarão o Final Das Estações Temporais, O Constante Debate Entre As Minhas Opções […]

Street Trash

The Best Moments Of Ours Lives Don’t Make It To Social Media, Cause Sincerity Is An Easy Disguise a False Front, Stuff You’re Not Supposed To Figure Out, When The Foundation Is a Lie, Everything Else We #ReadItInWikipedia, There Is a Lot Of Fear Involved In Ideas That We Can Not Mentally Printout, Kudza Is […]

Cuz I´m Magical

In a Society Filled With Lunatics, Only Does Capable Of Analyzing Their Delusion, Can Dive Into The Unknown And Return With a Bag Of Tricks, I Have Been Cheating!! Every Time I Close My Eyes I Get #Dream’sTips, a Person Like You Don’t Get To Quit, I Was Looking For a Quick Fix, So I […]

Don´t Whine, Organize!

Don´t Need To Tell, I Know! Kudza is a Bad Guy, Bad as The Slim Version Of Peter, I Ain´t a Family Guy! Just Want To Chill Alone, But If You Wanna Come Then Ride Along, Won’t Pass My Weed, Everything I Do #NobodyGottaKnow, Just Want Some Green, And Buy a Big Greenhouse, Let Me […]

True Colors

I Have Been Listening To Your Voice in Different Frequencies, #BlueWhaleStyle Only Born With 2 Feelings, The Rest You Introduce Them To Me, Small Sequences of Kurosawa Movement Incorporated in Your Smile, #ArtisticStyle My Eyes See a Perfect Design, When I Describe Her in My Lyrics, She Converts Herself Into an Atomic Mine, Physical Attraction is Common […]

Missing links

If This Love Isn’t Working, Load Aim and Fire, I Tried! Really I Did… But I´m Back On My Shit, We Gotta Start Thinking On The Long Term #AimHigher, All of My Idols Are Dead, Got no Friends Kudza-That´s We Don´t Confirm, And The Enemies Are Lost in Power, Kudza You Are Not Empower? It […]

Tears To Snow

I Deserve Nothing More Than, This Hell Here I Live, Every Level Brings Another Devil, Day And Day Spilling Blood Like Dante Did, The Easier Way Out is To Let it Out, But Nowadays Every Kid is Forbid To Live Above The Claud, I Want Constant Reassurance, That What I Believe is The Truth, Don’t Tell […]