Mamba Mentality

If Being Stupid Is An Attractive Quality, Your Ignorance Is Committing Your Suicide, Why Do You Call Him Lord But Never Do What He Says? Are You In Or Out Of The Molten Glass? Time To #PickYourSide. All Misery On Earth Is A Business Design, Yes!!! You Have The Right To Protest For Rights, But […]

Flower Of Life

I Lost a Person That I Will Never Gonna See Again, Perfection Is a Perception That My Eyes Only See In You, And I Ain’t Gonna #SeeYouAgain, Damn!!! I Will Cry For You, I Will Pray For You, And I Promise You That I Will Immortalize You On My Soul, My Name Is Kedson And […]

The Search Is Over

O Meu Coração Perdeu-se Da Progressão, Devido a Uma Dose Não Identificada, Desculpas São Como Mentiras Refugiadas Em Pequenos Apagões, Assombradas Pelas Suas Próprias Incoerências Mentais e Ainda Assim Atormentadas Pelos #SéculosDeInquisições, Os Meus Pesadelos Vivem Em Lamentações, Pois Sabem Que Nunca Avistarão o Final Das Estações Temporais, O Constante Debate Entre As Minhas Opções […]

Social Prohibitions

We All Have a Dream Because Our Heart Chose That, Real Art Lives Out Of The Museum And Street Art #ProvesThat, “If You Are Not Prepared To Die, You Don’t Deserve To Live” Kudza- If We Are All Alive Thanks To One #CrucifiedSacrifice, It Means That The Bird Reached The Nest. God!!! If You Really Live In Paradise, […]

True Colors

I Have Been Listening To Your Voice in Different Frequencies, #BlueWhaleStyle Only Born With 2 Feelings, The Rest You Introduce Them To Me, Small Sequences of Kurosawa Movement Incorporated in Your Smile, #ArtisticStyle My Eyes See a Perfect Design, When I Describe Her in My Lyrics, She Converts Herself Into an Atomic Mine, Physical Attraction is Common […]

Make Decisions

I Took The Dark Path, Need Some Uncle Bob Remedy, To #RevitalizeTheArt, I Will Keep On Pumping My Beliefs Holding And Dropping, Bring Yourself To Me, I Will Break Your Heart Apart, And Every Part In Part´s, Reset Every Restart, This Heart Is Ready To Depart, Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know! Do You Want a Show? […]