Gold Standard

Lamentando Pela Vida Não AutoDesenvolvida Pela Sede Da Subsistência, Divulgo-te Esse Meu Coração Esfaqueado Pelas Suas #FantasiasDeInfância, O Sangue Lágrimou-se Expressando-se Pelas Fontes Auditivas, Enquanto Os Olhos Avermelhados Rasgados Pelo Sal Desprendem Dádivas Compulsivas, As Últimas Palavras Soltaram-se Como Erupções #ProcedentesDePompeia, Suspiros De Respiração Carbonizam O Corpo Encerando A Democracia Nesta Batalha De Queroneia, Soltei […]

True Colors

I Have Been Listening To Your Voice in Different Frequencies, #BlueWhaleStyle Only Born With 2 Feelings, The Rest You Introduce Them To Me, Small Sequences of Kurosawa Movement Incorporated in Your Smile, #ArtisticStyle My Eyes See a Perfect Design, When I Describe Her in My Lyrics, She Converts Herself Into an Atomic Mine, Physical Attraction is Common […]

Missing links

If This Love Isn’t Working, Load Aim and Fire, I Tried! Really I Did… But I´m Back On My Shit, We Gotta Start Thinking On The Long Term #AimHigher, All of My Idols Are Dead, Got no Friends Kudza-That´s We Don´t Confirm, And The Enemies Are Lost in Power, Kudza You Are Not Empower? It […]

Trust Issues

My Life is Amazing, Wait For it… Even Though I am Depressed, Kudza Said– Think More Talk Less, My Pre-Historic Trauma is Influencing This Quest, Wish I Had Time Bending Powers, And Escape From Your Love Arrest #OnlyStealFromTheBest, Everybody Will Judge us Every Time, That We Return To This Planet, She Said– I Give up […]

Tears To Snow

I Deserve Nothing More Than, This Hell Here I Live, Every Level Brings Another Devil, Day And Day Spilling Blood Like Dante Did, The Easier Way Out is To Let it Out, But Nowadays Every Kid is Forbid To Live Above The Claud, I Want Constant Reassurance, That What I Believe is The Truth, Don’t Tell […]

Show…The Right Direction

Kudza is a Very Lazy Hazy Dreamer, #KudzaKrazy is Only Redeemer is When He See Her, is like a Silent Could War Slippin into Fiction, The Door is Open Let Me Explore, The Harmonic Frequency I Can´t Ignore, I´m About To Break The Pact, You Better Contact The Restriction´s, is Love is Not Like Filling a […]

Cause I Care

If Medication Lead us To Meditation, Weed Lead us To Astral Projection, Blessed By The King, That’s an Old Marley Invention, My Body Is a Toy Owned By The Government Corporation, They Also Govern The Ment, Deep Then the Fourth Dimension, Lie and Truth is Combined, Perverse Instantiation! Nobody Ever Crossed The Unlined Line, I Wonder […]

The Merge

Nobody Is Perfect “I Won’t even Try” Romeo and Juliet, Old Reality Effects, I once Heard from a Wise Guy, “If you Have no Critics you’ll Likely Have no Success“, My Ego had to Die, So I Could Live, I’m Guilty, I Confess, I Just Stop For a Test Drive, Now I’m Getting Back Up “Work in Progress! I See Nothing In The […]

The Lonely Feeling

Procura por Alguém que Estenda as tuas Limitações, o Fracasso é a Mais Forte das Emoções, é Bom ter Pessoas que se Preocupem Contigo, Mesmo Quando Estas a Dormir, Suicídios são Portas que não Pretendo Reabrir, os Teus Olhos Refletem o Meu Olhar, Apenas Pretendo Caminhar, se esta Estrada for até Roma (Amor), Viver é […]

The Hidden Heart

Por Um Segundo, Desliga-te Do Mundo Que Conheces, Abandona Os Teus Interesses, Paixões e Magoas, Deixa As Lágrimas Fluírem Como Águas, Guiadas Pela Corrente, Sonho Com o Passado Enquanto Vivo No Presente, Lamentações São Como Algias, Referenciadas Pelo Órgão Independente, Afoga o Sofrimento Que Guardas Neste Lindo Rosto, Que Compõe Este Belo Monumento. Tu Não […]