Social Prohibitions

We All Have a Dream Because Our Heart Chose That, Real Art Lives Out Of The Museum And Street Art #ProvesThat, “If You Are Not Prepared To Die, You Don’t Deserve To Live” Kudza- If We Are All Alive Thanks To One #CrucifiedSacrifice, It Means That The Bird Reached The Nest. God!!! If You Really Live In Paradise, […]

Involuntary Servitude

What Kind Of Medicine Do You Take When You Are Sick Of People? We Began Building Kingdoms, Align Pyramids With Galaxies But Now. After Million Years Of Adaptation We Just a Shit Sequel, It Costs a Lot To Be Here, And I Still Don’t Know What This Life Is For “Christians Don’t Build Walls” But #TheyBuiltASphere, […]

Don´t Whine, Organize!

Don´t Need To Tell, I Know! Kudza is a Bad Guy, Bad as The Slim Version Of Peter, I Ain´t a Family Guy! Just Want To Chill Alone, But If You Wanna Come Then Ride Along, Won’t Pass My Weed, Everything I Do #NobodyGottaKnow, Just Want Some Green, And Buy a Big Greenhouse, Let Me […]

Crafted Illusion

I #InstructMyOwnInstructions Don´t Hope To Improve Me, I’m Sacred Has The Universe! If You Try To Change Me You Will Destroy Me, If You Try To Hold Me You Will Lose Me, I’m Bound Together In An Indestructible Unity Of Individuals Part´s, Working To Generate The Kudza In Me, I’m a Species In Extinction #WithoutOrigin Set Me […]

Missing links

If This Love Isn’t Working, Load Aim and Fire, I Tried! Really I Did… But I´m Back On My Shit, We Gotta Start Thinking On The Long Term #AimHigher, All of My Idols Are Dead, Got no Friends Kudza-That´s We Don´t Confirm, And The Enemies Are Lost in Power, Kudza You Are Not Empower? It […]

The Equilibrium Point

If Life is a Game, Here Are The Rules? To Much People Drowning In Pain, Blend With The Fool’s, It’s Painful! How Can I Be Faithful? If Angels Keep Falling From The Sky, At Least You Could Properly Had Said Goodbye, Good-bye! It’s Never Worth Losing Things, That You Can´t Return And By Back, I Wish […]

The Blind Side

O Corpo já foi Prometido, Mas a Alma Continua a Evoluir o Individuo, Descartáveis Que Nem Copos, Danificamos o Veiculo, Uns Condizem Que Nem Loucos, Enquanto Outros Procuram pelo Discípulo, Impressões Mal Impressionadas, Tenho Boas Intenções Mais São Mal Direcionadas, é Como Estar Acordado Num Sonho a Ver-me Sonhar, a Questão é Porque Que Estou Sempre a Voar? Vejo O Meu Corpo Suspenso […]

Believe Hurts

Qual é o sentido em seguir um sentido obstruído? Escrevo para me relembrar de que nunca escrevi e ainda assim continuo esquecido, conquistei o corpo mas a mente permanece deturpada. Era uma vez… e a história e vai repetitivamente sendo inautenticada, sou uma actualização de uma aplicação limitada por funcionalidades, vivo em uma Falsifidade Ideológica, […]