Infinite Plane Society

Kudza KLan

The Global Solution

The Search Is Over

 Perdi Tudo o Que Tinha Menos a Solidão, Kudza Traz De Volta o Sofrimento e Cobre o Meu Corpo Com a #VerduraDaVegetação...


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"Always Go To Far"
"Take It"

Islands of Totalitarianism

Out There In The Real World, There Are Some Old People Near To They Deathbed, Still Capable Of Sacrificing Their Last Breath Just To Fuck a Nigga-Life, Don’t Self-Hate, You Already Have #TheEnemyDoingIt For You.


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Crafted Illusion

Believing That God Has Something Better For Me, Is The First Key To Success, Never Put Your Thoughts In What Hates Say That’s A #HighMess.


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"Secret Messages"

Relentless Dominator

Failure Makes Winners Stronger, But Also Makes Most Give Up.

The Uniqueness Of The Individual Must Be Negated In Favour Of Statistical.

Fear Based Programmes


Put That On My Grave

Mamba Mentality

If Being Stupid Is An Attractive Quality, Your Ignorance Is Committing Your Suicide, Why Do You Call Him Lord But

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I Dont Like

Por muitas vezes questionamos-nos, em relação a nossa própria identidade, fotocopiamos todas as imagens e movimentos que vemos, e fazemos

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Searching for Connection

Quero Sentir o teu sabor, mas pareço uma gota de suor que vai deslizando sobre o teu corpo, com um

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Dreams To Reality